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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that sent to the browser visited websites. Website lets remember information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. Next page visits and can be performed more easily and be more productive. Cookies are important. Without them, it would be much more difficult browsing experience.

Types of cookies

To operate our websites use different types of cookies:

Basic functions
These cookies create the necessary basis for the operation of our website. These files are kept as verification of access to secure parts of the website and their restricted unable to ensure full functionality.

Functional cookies
These files allow you to use some advanced features of Web pages. For example, in these stores, if you have already been offered memorization search, or are used to store favorite ads if you are not logged in ...

Using these cookies, we can dynamically display third party advertisements on our website. Our website may also contain elements that set cookies for third-party operators, for example. the "Like" the Facebook or the "Tweet" Twitter.

Managing cookies iN

Some people store cookies indirect. For this reason, the latest browsers enable users to manage cookies to suit your needs. In some browsers, you can set rules to manage cookies each site, allowing better control over your privacy. You can disable storage of cookies from all Web sites except those you trust. In the browser menu, you see Clear browsing data. Allows you to delete cookies and other site and plug data, including data stored in the device Adobe Flash Player (Flash Player cookies). Another feature is the incognito mode browsers. You can use incognito mode for browsing if you do not want to make your visits or downloading on the website recorded in your browsing history and downloads. Cookies created while in incognito mode will close all incognito windows deleted.

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