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General conditions of advertising on this server myfuelmanager.com


Privacy policy and location usage (My Fuel Manager mobile app)

  • Location data are used strictly within the app and are not sent to the application publisher or any third party
  • Location data serve in-app features (nearest gas station, trip recording). Provision of location data by you is voluntary. By disabling access to your location data above app features are disabled and not functional.
  • After saving driving record, route is deleted and can not be accessable again (stored are only the time, points of start and finish, total distance
  • with automatic trip recording, the position is detected in the background even when the app is not in use. To turn off background positioning, stop automatic route recording. 


The owner of the myfuelmanager.com portal and My Fuel Manager app is not responsible for the content of published advertisements, including text and photos.
The operator will use the data on myfuelmanager.com users only within the limits of the law.
The operator is not responsible for the misuse of data published in advertisers' offers by third parties.
The operator has the right to change, innovate and otherwise modify the services of the myfuelmanager.com portal without the prior consent of the advertisers.
The operator reserves the right to occasionally send a newsletter or other information or promotional e-mail




Spotreba.sk, s. r. o.
Odborárska 1381/18
915 01 Nové Mesto nad Váhom
ID: 46291351
VAT: 2023311037
e-mail: info@spotreba.sk


Cancellation of user account


The user cannot cancel the registration. In case of profile change or deletion, it is necessary to contact owner.
The operator reserves the right to cancel the registration or deny access to any user without giving a reason.
After the cancellation of the user's registration, the operator has the right to keep the information entered by the user on the server for an indefinite period of time (this is mainly the IP address of the computer and access times (logs) of the user). After the registration of the user is canceled, all user posts that were and are publicly available (discussion forum posts) remain on the server at the same time.


Paid services


The owner of the www.myfuelmanager.com portal charges according to the current price list:

  • synchronization of data from the My Fuel Manager App to the server, respectively. retrieving data from the server via the application
  • data records for more than one vehicle


Processing of personal data


In accordance with § 11 of Act no. 122/2013 Coll, on Personal Data Protection, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act on the Protection of Personal Data" shall be construed accordingly) this how the person I authorize Spotreba.sk Ltd., registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court TrenĨín, section C, insert no. 24903/R, ID: 46291351, established Sasinkova 544/20, 915 01 Nové Mesto (hereinafter referred to as "operator" shall be construed accordingly) as operator Web site address domain www.myfuelmanager.com and as operator under the relevant provisions of the ExAct on Protection of Personal Data explicit consent to the processing of personal data about myself, and for the purpose of creating their own records and database, the operator clients and for the purposes of carrying out marketing presentations operator and it offered services and products. I declare that all my personal details are provided to the operator voluntarily, freely, seriously and without error, and that is true and complete. I grant my consent to the operator for a period of 15 years, that I am aware of a / s that I have granted the right to withdraw consent at any time. I certify that I have time and properly informed / s of processing myPolicy. For the avoidance of doubt provides that the check box (checkbox) marked "I agree to the processing of personal data" me as a provider of personal accounts DATA SHEET I authorize consent in the above range. In accordance with § 15 of the Law on the protection of personal data controller shall inform the data subject that personal data which the operator RIGHTS , in the process, all information provided in the registration form.

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